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High purity HX-752 CAS NO.57-39-6
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Product: Views:191High purity HX-752 CAS NO.57-39-6 
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Last updated: 2016-09-05 22:19

Product Details


  • 1, 1′-Isophthaloyl bis(2-methylaziridine)
  • HX-752
  • 7652-64-4

Quick Details

  • ProName: High purity HX-752
  • CasNo: 57-39-6
  • Molecular Formula: C14H6N2O2
  • Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid
  • Application: HX-752 is a good bonding agent, which ...
  • DeliveryTime: based on the quantity
  • PackAge: Wooden box with two plastic casks of 1...
  • Port: Tianjin
  • ProductionCapacity: 10 Metric Ton/Year
  • Purity: 99
  • Storage: Nitrogen sealed. Store at cool and ven...
  • Transportation: Stay below -18℃. Avoid sunlight.
  • LimitNum: 1 Kilogram
  • Imine equivalent(eq/g): 130~150
  • Viscosity, mPa.s, 25℃: 3000~18000
  • Refractive index, nD25: 1.553~1.558


Name Reference Issued by Validity Period Range
The quality system certificate 10JA2316 Weapon equipment quality system certification committee 2010-06-17 ~ 2012-03-31 Ferrocene derivatives series products, made H, and chromic acid copper, oxidation phosphonite
Weaponry research and production license XX defense - 01-21 - SC - 0727 GongYeJu national defense science and technology 2010-09-09 ~ 2015-08-09 Weapons and equipment production qualification
Credit rating certificate 2106032720144379 Institute of commerce of the People's Republic of China 2010-12-30 ~ 2011-12-30 enterprise
Metrological standard assessment certificate [2009] camp quantity standard enterprises card words first 001 number Yingkou quality technology supervision bureau 2009-01-13 ~ 2013-01-12 Glass measure verification device
Of trademark registration The first 6912546 number The People's Republic of China state administration for industry and commerce to the trademark office 2010-07-14 ~ 2020-07-13 Pu, adhesive, industrial use of plastic, wall brick adhesive, industrial using adhesives, curing agent


1, 1′-Isophthaloyl bis(2-methylaziridine)

Executive standard: Q/TY001-2014

Commodity name: HX-752

CAS RN: 7652-64-4

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecular formula: C14H6N2O2

1.2 Molecular weight: 244.3

1.3 Density: 1.13g/c m3, 20℃

1.4 Stability: Heat reaction occurs, and the purity is dropping.

2. Technical indexes



Imine equivalent(eq/g)


Viscosity, mPa.s, 25℃


Refractive index, nD25



Light yellow viscous liquid

3. Uses:HX-752 is a good bonding agent, which has been used for over 20 kinds of military composite propellants. It has been also used widely as the bonding agent of polymer materials to improve the mechanical properties.

4. Safety instructions: Toxic by skin. Operation carefully must be installed with rubber gloves to avoid contacting with skin, eyes and clothing.

5. Package: Wooden box with two plastic casks of 10 kg net, 20 kg net each.

6. Storage:Store at below -18℃. Nitrogen sealed. Stay away from acid materials.

7. Shelf life:Shelf life of 12 months, if expire, still used if up to standard through retest.

8. Transportation: Stay below -18℃. Avoid sunlight.


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