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Polyvingl butyral(PVB) CAS NO.63148-65-2
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Product: Views:185Polyvingl butyral(PVB) CAS NO.63148-65-2 
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Last updated: 2016-09-06 04:12

Product Details


  • PVB
  • 63148-65-2
  • Polyvingl butyral

Quick Details

  • ProName: Polyvingl butyral(PVB)
  • CasNo: 63148-65-2
  • Appearance: White granule or powder
  • Application: 1 、transparent material 2、coating:(1)...
  • DeliveryTime: based on the quantity
  • PackAge: This product is two layers of packagin...
  • Port: Tianjin
  • ProductionCapacity: 1000 Metric Ton/Year
  • Purity: 99
  • Storage: this product should be stored in dry a...
  • Transportation: this product should be stored in dry a...
  • LimitNum: 1 Kilogram
  • Grade: Industrial Grade
  • The relative density: 1.08 1.10
  • Filling density: 0.18 0.35 g/ml
  • Refractive index: 1.488 (20℃)
  • Bibulous rate: <4%
  • Softening temperature: 60-65℃
  • The glass transition temperature: 66-84℃
  • viscosity: 5-180
  • ash: ≤3


Name Reference Issued by Validity Period Range
The quality system certificate 10JA2316 Weapon equipment quality system certification committee 2010-06-17 ~ 2012-03-31 Ferrocene derivatives series products, made H, and chromic acid copper, oxidation phosphonite
Weaponry research and production license XX defense - 01-21 - SC - 0727 GongYeJu national defense science and technology 2010-09-09 ~ 2015-08-09 Weapons and equipment production qualification
Credit rating certificate 2106032720144379 Institute of commerce of the People's Republic of China 2010-12-30 ~ 2011-12-30 enterprise
Metrological standard assessment certificate [2009] camp quantity standard enterprises card words first 001 number Yingkou quality technology supervision bureau 2009-01-13 ~ 2013-01-12 Glass measure verification device
Of trademark registration The first 6912546 number The People's Republic of China state administration for industry and commerce to the trademark office 2010-07-14 ~ 2020-07-13 Pu, adhesive, industrial use of plastic, wall brick adhesive, industrial using adhesives, curing agent


1、 physical properties:

This product belongs to thermoplastic resin

Appearance: white particles or powder

The relative density: 1.08 1.10

Filling density: 0.18 0.35 g/ml

Refractive index: 1.488 (20℃)

Bibulous rate: <4%

Softening temperature: 60-65℃

The glass transition temperature: 66-84℃

Tensile strength limit: 40-50 MPa

Los type hardness: 45

Heat: 0.4 kJ/(kg•℃)

Dielectric constant (60 HZ) ;2.7-3.3

Dielectric strength: 400-480 V/joule

Thermal decomposition temperature: 200℃ above

The melting temperature: 165-200℃

Thermal stability: more than 100℃zoom

Solubility: Soluble in methanol, ethanol, n-butyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, n-amyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, Butanol , double pyruvic alcohol, propylene glycol ether/armor ether/c ether, acetone, party b ketone, cyclohexanone, methylene chloride, chloroform, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetic acid, etc.

Phase compatibility dissolve sex: This product to our dimethyl benzene adjacent SanJiaFen ester, benzene sebacic acid ester's own adipic acid ester etc, plasticizer, And cellulose acetate, phenolic resin, Uf resin, furfural resin,Epoxy resin and natural resin rosin etc. All have good phase compatibility of soluble sex. Can greatly improve the performance of the resin.

2 、chemical properties:

Poly (vinyl alcohol) shrink butyl aldehyde belong to secondary reactions polymers,Is hot melt type resin. Can join thermosetting resin type the crosslinking sclerosis each other. The chemical stable performance. Excellent resistance to chemicals corrosion, resistance to solvent,Resistance to sun exposure, Oxygen and ozone resistance, and the inorganic acid and fat hydrocarbon role.

3. Special properties:

(1) high transparency: This product has high light transmittance,660 μ m long light transmittance in 90%。

(2) into the membranous:The product has good into model,Can calender, extrusion, flow ping and become film coating。

(3)weather fastness:This product uv resistance,In the nature condition is not easy to aging。

(4) cold endurance:This product is good low temperature 0 to 60,In the low temperature keep good mechanical strength。

(5) wear resistance:More than rubber 10 times。

(6) bonding sex:This product to metal, plastic, leather, glass, wood to wait to have good adhesive performance.

application area:

1 、transparent material

2、coating:(1) wood coatings(2) metal paints(3) metal primer(4) metal foil paint(5) vacuum plating coating with steam(6) concrete coatings(7) waterproof coating(8) leather coating(9) the varnish protected coatings(10) powder coatings(11) the casting coatings

3 adhesive:

(1) the glass adhesive

(2) metal bonding

(3) enameled wire circle of bonding

(4) heat sealing adhesives

(5) with trademark printing adhesive

(6) get sticky film

(7) pressure sensitive type adhesives

(8) type hot melt adhesives

(9) other adhesives

4 in fiber processing applications:

(1) Topcoated

(2) fiber treating agent

(3) Fabric of printing and dyeing

(4) Other resin finishing

(5) Parts

5.other areas of application:

(1) reflex sexual thin adhesive

(2)Dye transfer ink ribbon

(3) the recording tape coatings

(4) the printing paper label pottery

(5) ink manufacture

(6) the wood processing

(7) the coated fabric

(8) information recording materials

(9) corrosion wash coating

(10) auto surface repaired

6 the application of several typical industry:

(1) Porcelain of paper with film

(2) safety glass

(3) electronic adhesive

(4) copper clad aluminum foil with glue

(5) self-adhesive paint


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